Acterys Clarity Visuals

The Acterys Clarity Power BI custom visuals are designed according to research by leading information design specialists like William Playfair[2], Willard Cope Brinton[3], Gene Zelazny[4], Edward Tufte[5] and Stephen Few [6]. The focus is on providing the most effective conceptual, perceptual and semantic design of charts and tables. The visuals can be used as a part of Acterys or stand alone. They work with any data source supported in Power BI.

Features Acterys Clarity Power BI Waterfall Custom Visual

The current version of the Acterys Clarity Visuals covers the following vizualisation types:

Ultimate Waterfall

The Acterys Waterfall Chart supports horizontal and vertical chart orientation with a wide variety of layout options and most importantly the ability to setup custom sub totals. An aspect that is a critical feature when you want to display profit and loss statements that require subtotals like Gross Margin, EBIT that are typically not available in the chart of accounts provided by your accounting system.

Features Clarity Power BI Ultimate Variance Visual

The Ultimate Variance

The Power BI Acterys Variance Chart Custom Visual enable users get immediate insights into actual/target variances across a freely definable number of analysis objects for example financial performance results across different group companies. The recipient gets an at glance understanding of the absolute difference and the relative significance incorporating comprehensive research into human perception and understanding. Watch The Video Gallery Here:

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