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 The “Fast Start” program allows organisations to clarify their advanced analytics requirements and prove the feasibility of the recommended technology by delivering a hands-on working prototype. Managility plays the role of the facilitator, getting all key stakeholders in a room and working on the things that matter most to you and your customers.  At the conclusion, you will have a detailed roadmap for predictive analytics success, complete with a working prototype to build momementum. Let’s start the journey. 


How it Works


Requirements Analysis


Working Protoype


Hands-on Training


Detailed Project Plan



Data driven businesses outsmart competitors


While the traditional analytical tools that comprise basic business intelligence (BI) examine historical data, tools for advanced analytics focus on forecasting future events and behaviours, allowing businesses to conduct what-if analyses to predict the effects of potential changes in business strategies.

Predictive analyticsdata miningbig data analytics, and location intelligence are just some of the analytical categories that fall under the heading of advanced analytics. Using these techniques can significantly improve decisions and results in a wide area of industries and application areas like marketing, healthcare, risk management, and financial modelling.

 A Simple Three Step Process

Phase #1

We will cover a practical overview of what advanced analysis methods is and make it relevant from a business perspective. We’ll introduce you to technoques  including: classification, regression, clustering and anomaly detection.

Phase #2

We’ll turbo boost your Advanced Analytics journey by review options on how to best deliver tangible benefits to your organisations. We’ll cover a hands on lab implementation of a specific advanced analytics area that suits the context of your organisation. The outcome a working prototype that builds momentum

Phase #3

Enter your BI project with clarity. Our experienced data science experts will provide a detailed project plan, complete with business requirements, project delivery costs, covering software, services & support


Workshop your specific business requirements to build the business case


Deliver working protoytpe solution, with practical hands on experience


Deliver a detailed project plan, complete with roll out milestones and exact costings


A clear plan including business objectives, priorities, platform and project investments.


1, 2 or 4 Days

Depending upon the scope and complexity of your project


Customer Success is Transformative


What existing and proposed features do customers value?

How much are customers really willing to pay for different sets of features?

What trade-offs are customers are willing to make between quality, service and price?

Managility’s Advanced Analytics capability answered them all.


“Our key objective was a solution that can be maintained and adapted by business users without reliace on IT specialists or external consultants. We were surprised how this was achieved in minimal time”

– Chris Hale,
Finance Manager

Tailored Solutions

” I was sceptical that the platforms Managility were recommending could compete with the mega vendors. In the end I was amazed as to what we received the same functionality as with highly expensive software I was using at a previous company”


Karl Nixon



A New Generation of Business Analytics: Beyond BI and Data Discovery Tools Awaits

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