Build financial plans and orchestrate performance with speed, precision, and true collaboration

The Critical Questions

How do I stay on top of  data complexity ?

How can I trust the numbers with multiple versions of the truth?

How do I break free from dependence on IT? 

How can I respond to the demand for shortening reporting and planning cycles?

How can I bring real-time insight beyond the ledger?

The Role of Finance Is Changing…


From “just” managing financials to being in charge of comprehensively tracking all aspects of an organisation’s performance and ensuring strategic alignment.

At Managility we have a proven track record over more than 15 years leading successful digital transformation processes for the finance function in organisations around the world.

Key focus is to enable and empower business users with effective technology processes that automate what is possible and support what is relevant:


Automated & Comprehensive Data Platforms

Todays business environment doesn’t allow for financial professionals “to waste” their time with manually maintaining complex spreadsheet convolutes.
The foundation of a modern finance function are automated processes that lead to a single version of the truth data platform that incorporates all relevant sources (not just the ERP or accounting system!). With access and usage not at the mercy of IT specialist but easily availalble to actual decision maker as and how they require. Typically, at least involving web browser, spreadsheet with live data connections (not copy/paste!) and mobile devices.

Platform Services

Effective Presentation & Collaboration

Extensive paper based reports will go the way of the Kodak film… A modern finance function relies on near real-time information in interactive dashboards and effective collaboration options.


Prepared & Responsive

Budgeting has evolved from a cumbersome annual process collecting “wishful thinking” numbers to an ongoing function that incorporates responsive business models that enable projecting precise results based on relevant internal AND external business drivers.

Agile Planning

Smart Mining and Prediction

Complete, correct and timely data is only the first step. True data driven decision making in finance involves smart methods to identify the uncovered potential and projection of future opportunities.

Advanced Analytics

The simplest way to gather intelligent insights and to bind it to your corporate plan

Unified CPM & BI 

Managility’s approach is built on a “one version of the truth” unified solution using  proven platforms.  Depending on specific user requirements, we will recommend front end solutions that suit the likely differening requirements of your audience.  Where possible we utilise connectors and data warehouse automation ( ONE CLICK Power Sync) to ensure the quickest possible implementation times avoiding the need for expensive ETL development or consultancy. This enables unparralleled insight and collaboration.

The Finance Function profits from:

-Detailed insights into the business from your transactional systems

– Provide a collaborative environment to share insights and track and ensure appropriate actions are taken,

Following our mission:

In control of the present, prepared for the future.



Discover how Managility was able to deliver a Predictive Customer Analytics Program in just 5 weeks

See How

Featured Customers

Customer Benefits

End Excel-Hell

Eliminate Excel’s drawbacks. Keep ease of use. Unify all your data and access one version of the truth live through MS Office

Result Fast

Improve business processes. Be a catalyst for change with agile, high-impact initiatives. Short projects mean high ROI

Secure Access

Enterprise-grade security, auditable change logs, workflow for transparency and accountability

Simplify Life

Save time and costs with a unified solution with Corporate Performance capability beyond data discovery and visualization

Work Smarter

Use real-time modelling engine over big data without programming. Powerful heuristics to solve your thorniest analytical problems

Streamline & Collaborate

Capture input from anyone: create and share amazing dashboards instantly through web, mobile, and the cloud

Minimize Cost

Design sophisticated models, self-service reporting, and planning without external consulting

Free IT

Create and adjust your departmental solutions independently, freeing IT to focus on strategy


The Managility Fast Start program is a customised workshop leveraging our pre-built data architectures and models to help you  experience the potential of effective Planning, Business Intelligence & Analytics processes in the quickest possible way. The program incorporates 1, 2 or 4 days with our experienced Consultants & Data Scientists.

Predictive Analytics

Agile Planning

Business Intelligence


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