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The Critical Questions

 How do I enforce information management policy?

How do I centralise corporate business rules?

How do I create data driven culture but maintain security and control?

How can centralise data, standardise it and make it responsive to rapidly changing questions?


One click data integration and unlimited front end options

Customer Challenge

Different BI requirements typically require different database architectures. These fall broadly into two categories: transactional/relational data warehouses and multidimensional.

Transactional Data Stores

(e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) typically handles high data volumes and enables flexible analysis,

 Multidimensional Architectures

(like Jedox, TM1, etc.) are optimised for write back, simulation and modelling.

Expensive Integration Issues

This multi-tiered approach typically results in integration challenges, when a combined view is required. Extensive ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) processes have to be developed which requires expensive consulting and extensive internal development.

Low Risk. Immediate Value

The new Managility PowerSync framework addresses this challenge with a one click solution that converts and synchronises OLAP sources into a relational dimensional model.



The PowerSync framework is currently available to Managility clients with every project implementation. A stand-alone, public available software version will be released soon. Please contact Managility to discuss partnership and early adopter options.


Platform: Windows .NET Server component or Python Service for Linux

Supported RDBMS: MS SQL Server, Oracle

Supported OLAP: Microsoft Analysis Services, Power BI, Jedox Base and Premium and Palo. TM1 support coming soon.


“Managility was instrumental in achieving a quantum leap in regards to more efficient, responsive and simpler to use planning processes “

– John Gorman,

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Customer Benefits


Data Integration

Integrate OLAP/Data warehouse and cloud based data streams

Audit & Control

Better control of backup and restore and audit: trace every transactions

Flexible Analysis

Expands analysis options to a wide array of business intelligence tools

One Single View

A single source of truth with a data warehouse that integrates all BI architectures

Zero Consulting

Avoid expensive system integration fees with one click propogation

Zero Development

Free up scarce resources from internal development. Have them engaged in high value analysis activities instead

Zero Risk

Pre-built business logic enabling zero financial or technical risk

Rapid Time to Value

All your data synchronized on a single platform for immediate analysis


The Managility Fast Start program is a customised workshop leveraging our pre-built data architectures and models to help you  experience the potential of effective Planning, Business Intelligence & Analytics processes in the quickest possible way. The program incorporates 1, 2 or 4 days with our experienced Consultants & Data Scientists.

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