Over the weekend I had a bit of time on my hand and I wanted to try out some new features in the latest Power BI release.

While looking for an interesting data set I thought about the Austrian election. As most of you know this is the country where I was born before I moved to Australia and came across an interesting web site that aggregates poll results and other election information called “Neuwal.com“. The Neuwal operators are kind enough to make their data available via json format. So, I started my shiny new latest version of the Power BI engine and connected to that data set and put an initial simple analysis together in about an hour:

I tried the fairly new ribbon chart visual to show the aggregate, average poll results, this is an interesting alternative to stacked bar charts for showing trends. The table visual on the right contains the links to the publications that have published the poll results. So, with a click on the survey time line, the relevant links are automatically filtered and the user can navigate to the specific publications. Finally I am showing at the top left a comparison of the last election to the average of all polls for a selected time frame.

To put this analysis took about an hour with a live link to the data source. So, new Neuwal results are automatically updated. If you would like to “play with the application” please use the embedded report below:

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