Improve margins, increase customer satisfaction and profitably align to changing market opportunities

The Critical Questions

How do I contain rising pressure on costs ? 
How will I adapt to changing technology ? 
How will I manage growing procurement risk ?
How will I simplify complex procurement mechanisims ? 

Simple bottom line savings

High performance procurement is vital to staying current with supplier capacity, managing demand, controlling cash flow and cost, while maintaining quality.  The challenge lies in your ability to demonstrate your bottom line savings.

Lean processes

To streamline procurement planning and execution, you need transparent and timely data. Using Excel to manage spending and combine data from systems and departments creates Excel-hell. Instead of efficiently balancing quotas from suppliers and matching demand across buying centers, Excel-hell magnifies business risk. Low transparency undermines procurement’s role in promoting fair and open competition, and increases exposure to fraud and collusion.

Find profit in procurement

Managility deploy solutions with high-performance multidimensional analytical engine enabling flexible aggregation over high data volumes by any criteria, from article and material fields, to suppliers, departments, and purchasers. Achieve meaningful benchmarks in seconds. Use insight to create incentives to improve supplier performance that drives cost-savings for you and your suppliers.

Managilty solutions invariably use flexible modelling empowering you to manage complex contracts and agreements independently and adjust these without burdening IT. Run simulations and test assumptions on the impact of changing agreements. Easy to use, scales from a single user, to the entire enterprise.


Pandora  shortened their planning turnaround time from 2 weeks to 2 days, making their supply chain cost effective and responsive to disruptions.

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The Managility Fast Start program is a customised workshop leveraging our pre-built data architectures and models to help you  experience the potential of effective Planning, Business Intelligence & Analytics processes in the quickest possible way. The program incorporates 1, 2 or 4 days with our experienced Consultants & Data Scientists.

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