Give oxygen to the deals that have a higher chance of closing

The Critical Questions

How will I build a consistent sales cycle?

Where do I need to be in a world of diverse and socialised customer interactions?

Who will I forecast accurately in volatile market? 

Who will I align sales strategy with performance?

How I automate low value sales processes?  

Make every customer interaction count

The digital age has opened both new market opportunities and threats. Buyers are better informed. You must be too. Standard CRM reports or spreadsheet solutions can’t provide the complete picture you need.  It’s time to take your sales planning, analysis and reporting to the next level with Managility. We provide the information you need to understand your customers and sell more effectively. Not only will you  gain a complete view of your current performance and new insights to drive sales across the organisation, we can mash it with  public datasets for unparrallel insights and intelligence.

Plan your success with Managility

Managility delivers tailor-made BI, zero-time analytics and powerful planning capabilities that transforms complex sales processes into an elegant experience. With prebuilt, ready-to-go  modules with powerful Business Intelligence and CPM technology in the familiar Excel environment you know and love. Since you don’t start your project from ground zero, costs and risks are minimal. This delivers rapid results. Our proposed solutions include:

Preconfigured standard reports (e.g. sales commission, costs and contribution margin)
Smart business rules (e.g. for driver-based planning)
Easy-to-use Web screens to flexibly enter sales data
High data security through effective access management


Pandora achieves accurate sales and revenue forecasting using Managility

See How

Featured Customers

Customer Benefits

Sales Capacity

Account Segmentation and Scoring

Territory Planning

Quota Planning

Deal Desk

Sales Forecasting

Incentive Compensation


The Managility Fast Start program is a customised workshop leveraging our pre-built data architectures and models to help you  experience the potential of effective Planning, Business Intelligence & Analytics processes in the quickest possible way. The program incorporates 1, 2 or 4 days with our experienced Consultants & Data Scientists.

Predictive Analytics

Agile Planning

Business Intelligence


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