Too often do we focus on the frontend technology features and benefits. The real genius is in the data engineering skills required to extract the data


Services Around the Microsoft BI Ecosystem

Microsoft has a dominant position in nearly all aspects of business intelligence platform technologies. Excel and SQL Server are already deployed in many organisations and offer tremendous analytics power. Particularly with Power BI solution since 2014,  Analysis Services and PowerPivot (since Office version 2010? . The Managility team includes some of the world’s  leading specialists for the Microsoft BI ecosystem who support our clients with the implementation of effective solutions. In particular we offer expertise in:


Data Warehouse
Data Integration
Analytical Databases (OLAP)
Data Mining
Data Discovery
Geo Spatial Analysis
Data Analysis

Microsoft Solution

SQL Server Data Warehouse Design
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Analysis Services
SQL Server Data Mining
Microsoft PowerPivot and Power BI
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power Map
Microsoft Power Query
To learn more about how Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions were successfully implemented at our clients visit our Results Section.

For the quickest start to experience the power of Microsoft BI ecosystem we offer the Managility Fast Start Program 

For further details us:

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Microsoft Power BI is a set of technologies that transforms your company’s data into a broad range of modern data visualizations, using an easy-to-use report authoring experience. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Managility has worked with Power BI since its inception among others responsible for developing some of the initial Power BI demo models (Public Company Financials). In addition, we are using the Acterys platform technology as part of our offering with successful implementations around the world.

All this enables us to help our clients implement Power BI in the fastest possible time and realise the benefits from one of the most innovative data discovery solutions on the market.

Experience Power BI the fastest way with our Fast Start program that combines:

• Requirements Analysis
• On the Job Training
• Building Working Prototype With Your Data

Watch a short introduction of Power BI in combination with data from cloud based accounting solutions here:


Cube Wizard

  • Integrate any source and build a professional data warehouse in the cloud or on premise
  •  Expands analysis options to any business intelligence tools that is compatible:
    e.g. latest Power BI, Tableau, Qlik etc.





Cloud: Get started in 2 Minutes


On-Premise: Install Acterys Framework on your server. 


Minimum Requirements: MS SQL 2017 or newer


Supported Sources:




Flat Files (CSV, txt,…)


RDBMS: MS SQL Server, Oracle


Power BI 




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