Our tools for strategy, planning and management ensure you get more from your information.


Trusting the numbers starts with information integrity

Increase revenue, profitability and effectiveness, as well as reduce costs with Managility’s effective information management frameworks.

Our proven methodologies gives you instant access to your information whilst laying the foundational layers to ensure integrity & accuracy is maintained throughout.  This enables you to make the right decisions to maximise business performance with confidence.

This approach provides a detailed real world logic for what is typically a complex activity.  We break it down into digestable steps, overlaid with our industry and technical intellectual property. Specifically, we design road maps with weekly deliverables that provide rapid tangible value to your organisation.



The first step of digital transformation 

Critical to effective planning and implementation is understanding your current situation, identifying issues, limitations and most importantly opportunities to turn your data into actionable insights. We provide a range of Health Checks for different areas of business and data management, including:

The first step of digital transformation is understand where you are and where you need to go. Managility’s CPM & BI Health Check assess how well your organisation is meeting its own informational and reporting needs by:

– examining key information delivery areas like quality, relevance, timeliness and efficiency (the effort you are expending)

–  examining the effectiveness of your delivery and support team systems to isolate any issues and ‘gaps’ in strategy, infrastructure, data and various people dimensions




Effective information managment requires robust frameworks

Our planning and architecture services provide complete frameworks for defining appropriate Business Intelligence solutions and comprise the full suite of services including:

Business Case development
Data Warehouse architecture
Business Intelligence architecture
Integration of DW/BI methodology into client’s existing framework
Design and architecture for offshore development
Business Intelligence Competency Centre
BI, ETL and Data Modelling standards
Master Data Management architecture




Effective tools for objective assessment.

Our clients understand that Business Analytics is a strategic enabler. We have found that this awareness is increasingly complemented by a driving need to ensure that they get value-for-money from any new or existing analytics software investment.

Our Toolset Selection service helps your organisation define its true analytics needs, translate these into the software functionality that you really need, and so fully justify your selection of software vendor. We can even assist you in estimating your return on investment, based on how you plan to use analytics.


See the complete picture

Much of an organisation’s operational efficiency can be gleaned from accurate and insightful reporting. In addition to more traditional reporting frameworks, we employ data visualisation tools including dashboard and scorecards that interpret information in a graphical format, presenting clients with a more intuitive output set to drive decision-making.

Our team’s experience allows us to create intuitive and easily-understood dashboards or scorecards that take people on a journey, based on agreed KPIs and metrics. It means users understand what makes up the numbers, and agree to measures that will mark their progress. This raises visibility of down the line metrics that drive the business, creating an agreed topline view of what’s important right now and in the near future.

A key part of our solution is to fine-tune dashboards and scorecards to specific audiences: for example, a high-level view of key drivers would be relevant for senior executives, while more detailed information can be made available to line managers.


Your Free Business Intelligence Assessment

Managility offers a free interactive assessment that will help you to better utilise the power of internal/external date and optimise business processes.

The assessment consists of 2 steps:

1. An online assessment to be completed by key information consumers in the organisation to identify: needs, overlaps and gaps using advanced choice models.

2. Recommendations and tailored demo that covers improvement potential and savings.

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