One Click Planning & BI for Cloud Based Accounting Systems

Your Data Transparent and Flexible as Jelly

The Clear Jelly Business Intelligence Add-on gives you full control, insight and simulation options with your data in cloud based accounting services with just one click. 

Acterys Connector gives you full control, insight and simulation options with your data in cloud based accounting services (Xero, Quickbooks, Saasu, etc.) and other sources:

Insight As You Need It:

Easily create, automatically updating reports exactly as you need them in minutes

Prepared For The Future:

Effectively budget, forecast and simulate all aspects of your business model

Always In Control:

Visually stunning dashboards putting you in control of everything that’s relevant

Integrating the latest Microsoft technologies like Power BI and PowerApps and Microsoft Flow business users without any specific It knowledge can create interactive dashboards and setup planning and forecasting processes supported by intelligent predictive analytics methods.

The solution is built on the experience of more 20 years’ experience developing similar solutions for enterprise clients such as Pandora, BSA, Challenger and Sydney Council.

With Acterys Connector users have the opportunity to profit from a professional BI framework in a click at a commodity pricing.


Take control of your accounting data the fastest way with our Fast Start program that combines:

• Requirements Analysis
• On the Job Training
• Building Working Prototype With Your Data

Watch a short introduction of Power BI in combination with data from cloud based accounting solutions here:


Customer Benefits

Flexible Reports

Access your data with complete flexibility and advanced features like drill down, drill through to transactions and a variety of chart types. Share your reports on the web, as dynamic Excel files or on a mobile app with detailed security rights options.

One Click Dashboards

Combine data from cloud based accounting with other sources and connectors e.g. accounting, Google Analytics, or other internal sources.Use powerful new options like Microsoft Power BI Dashboards with a click of a button.

Agile Budget & Planning

Planning and budgeting have never been easier: use extensive options for top/down bottom planning on any level of the model. Entry on any level & flexible distribution logic with unlimited scenarios

Powerful Modelling

A single source of truth with a data warehouse that integrates all BI architectures

On Cloud & Any Device

Acterys Connector runs as a flexible web application including a web spreadsheet that only requires an internet browser, integrated in Excel (with a live connection to the data model – not as data dumps), or as a mobile device application. Supports Native iOS and Android Apps (via Power BI)

Exact User Rights

Acterys Connector enables you to setup exact user rights: what the users are allowed to see, where they are allowed to change data etc. Reports will automatically take into account user rights and only display what information and features are available to the current user.

BackUp & Offline Access

Clear Jelly Premium maintains a relational or multidimensional data model with all your Accounting Service transactions that can be used offline with advanced reporting and ad hoc query options.

Beautiful Visualisations

Clear Jelly produces stunning reports that will “wow” your audience. With Bar, gauges, pie, geo spatial, heat map and much more. Beautifully presentations are only a click away


The Managility Fast Start program is a customised workshop leveraging our pre-built data architectures and models to help you  experience the potential of effective Planning, Business Intelligence & Analytics processes in the quickest possible way. The program incorporates 1, 2 or 4 days with our experienced Consultants & Data Scientists

Predictive Analytics

Agile Planning

Business Intelligence


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